How to create / generate API tokens in Jira!

Before you begin:

You must have API Token Authentication for Jira plugin running on Jira Server or Data Center.

You can download and install for free. Here is the installation and upgrade guide. 

1. Manage User Tokens 

Users can manage their tokens by clicking on the profile icon and selecting the API Token Authentication Link

2. Creating a new token

2a. Under actions click the button 'New API Token' 

New API Token Screenshot

2b. Enter a description for it and click on the 'Create API Token' button

add new token

2c. The token automatically created will be displayed now.

You can now access the REST API via Basic Authorization with tokens instead of your user passwords. (if you have any).

3. Revoking Tokens

3a. To revoke any token, simply use the 'Delete' operation in the Actions column.

Advanced Features Include:


Atlassian username & password auth 

for REST API connections


API tokens 

per user and service 


API connections by

IP address and/or range


SAML Single Sign-On

User Deactivator

User Directory Sync

API Token Authentication for 

Jira Server & Data Center

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